Ian Bell finds something amusing in the field

That’s the caption to this picture on Cricinfo.

We’d rather this were a slip from a Cricinfo staff member, but we suspect it was done knowingly.

Thanks to Sam for pointing this out, although we’re increasingly concerned by the frequency with which he sends Ian Bell pictures to us.

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10 Appeals

  1. Oof. That’s one helluva scroll down. I was all like “what a nice smiley picture of ….. GAAAAAH”.

  2. I knew it was a mistake to look at an Ian Bell picture.

  3. well it’s sure not your rob key posts he’s smiling at

    please, no more

    just let that guy do his match reports and that’s it

  4. Sheminator asks you to retract previous statement

  5. That’s not Ian Bell, that’s Richard Branson

  6. e normous, what are you talking about man. The only reason any of us are here, is because of the completely over the top Rob Key love.

    If I could have nothing but Rob Key posts, I’d be a happy chappy.

  7. this site has turned my dislike for him into absolute hatred.

  8. And there was me thinking that it is not humanly possible to tickle yourself.

  9. We want some background on this Rob Key hatred. What caused it? Did he give you a wedgie once? Are you a professional cricketer with a professional grievance?

  10. I bet it’s the latter. He’s been smashed about by the fat lad, and now has to work in the “City”.

    No one but Alex “knob for brains” Loudon would want that.

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