Andrew Flintoff v Kevin Pietersen in the IPL

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Flintoff and Pietersen SQUARE UP

They hate each other. They just outright loathe each other. Everyone knows they never speak to each other EVER. Both players have been just busting for a chance to show that they’re the one that’s worth more millions than the other.

It’s about status. It’s about money. It’s about who’s all-time outright supreme number one top dog in the universe. Flintoff v Pietersen, mano-a-mano in the IPL. How did it go?

Well neither player did a right lot. Murali took 3-11 meaning Flintoff’s Chennai won and at the end, the pair of them just sort of good-naturedly shook hands and ambled off smiling.

Stay tuned for round two. It’s going to be the cricketing battle of… that particular afternoon.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. To be honest I actually watched the game, shock horror, and Flintoff did what was expected of him. Of course wghat expected of him was 20 odd runs at a strike rate of 200 and 3 overs with one wicket at an economy rate worthy of test matches.

    We mortals can only wish right?

  2. Living legends.

    Legends that will live long after lots of other living legends have died.

    (It’s about time Rutles quotes got a revival, however wonderful the Spinal Tap ones are).

  3. Ronnie Irani was the living legend of this particular match. His studio observations were genius; made Tony Adams look sane.

    He managed to say “I though KP got a bad decision” in 18 different ways over a five-minute period – sustained drivel. Incredible. KP was plumb as well.

    Then it got annoying so I cancelled my Setanta subscription.

  4. Glad it wasn’t just me enraged by fathead Irani. How far up KP’s bum was he? Shopped him with slimeball Ronnie of Man U.

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