Andrew Strauss loses the Ashes

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Why, Andrew? Why? Why do you say these things? Have you never watched a film? You’ve just turned yourself into the character who overlooks a minor detail in the first scene, unaware of the DIRE CONSEQUENCES your seemingly minor oversight will have.

Strauss was speaking about how Australia’s Phillip Hughes will be playing for Middlesex alongside him going into the Ashes.

“It’s not a huge concern of mine – there are lots of things to worry about in the coming weeks, the fact he’s playing here’s not one of them. There’s no point losing sleep, it won’t win or lose us the Ashes.”

This absolutely will lose us the Ashes.

Andrew Strauss is neglecting to put the last bolt into the bit of submarine he’s working on because a shipmate has come into the room with some rum. The rum can wait, Andrew. The rum can wait. Put the bolt in. Put it in.

Do you not know that you’re messing with people’s lives here!


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  1. Oh do grow up, KC!

    I’m going to start calling you KFC if you carry on like this all summer.

    And that’s not only because you are talking chicken.

  2. Pessimistic overreaction is pretty much a staple of this site, Ged.

    We’d be short of content without it.

  3. We did receive an invite, but unfortunately we’re taking a pre-Ashes, post-T20 World Cup skive to foreign climes.

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