The Fake IPL Player blog writer

The Fake IPL Player blog is the focus of some attention at the minute. Is it a fake IPL player or is it actually a real IPL player dishing the dirt on his Kolkata Knight Riders team mates?

The writer seems to know a bit about what’s going on and refers to people using transparent nicknames. One example is ‘Lord Almighty’ which you can fairly safely assume is Sourav Ganguly. The nicknaming is intended to make it a bit harder to know who Fake IPL Player is talking about, but if Ganguly doesn’t answer when someone says ‘Lord Almighty’, we’d be surprised.

The Kolkata Knight Riders people are aware of the blog, so if it is genuine it might come to an abrupt halt some time soon.

Fake IPL Player calls the franchise’s owner ‘Vinnie Dildo’. Make of that what you will.

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11 Appeals

  1. There’s no way that’s a real cricketer, they use punctuation. Correctly.

  2. Ed Smith uses punctuation correctly.

  3. I reckon he may know Ed Smith.

  4. i dont care who he is…the blog is damn good

  5. If its not a player then it’s someone with their ear very close to the ground.

  6. Fake IPL players rocks 🙂

  7. Fake IPL player is hilaious. One popular Indian journo Prem Panicker has tweeted tonight that the Fake IPL player has been unearthed, and his identity will be out tomorrow morning.

  8. Well I think this website is Idea of Kolkota Knight Riders Owner (SRK). This is just to publisize this website. Well good Idea SRK..u rock 🙂

  9. Prime Suspect!
    Well.. what makes one commit crime? As crimonology states:

    – A strong motive which makes one outweigh any cons
    – Ability to execute the intentions
    – An opportunity to allow the intentions to be carried out.

    Out of all the names making rounds as suspects, Ranadeb Bose seems to be the hot favorite………. CATCH MORE on

  10. IPL Cheerleaders have beat IPL Anonymous in popularity quotient. Media is on the haul. What’s at the end ???

    Random Surfer

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