A cricket ball in an unusual place

Ged writes:

“You might fancy the attached picture of Hippity (one of Middlesex’s most ardent fans and a well-known correspondent on Middlesex Till We Die) watching cricket while sitting on the bed with his lucky ball.

Hippity is well camouflaged for when he's in THE LAND OF TOO MANY E NUMBERS

“Given the particular controller he is using, he is clearly watching Ceefax, which is the ardent housebound county cricket fan’s font of knowledge, as you surely know.

Again the photo is mine and I can confirm that Hippity is a volunteer for the photograph.

“But perhaps a cricket ball on the bed with a green bunny is not unusual enough for you.”

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4 Appeals

  1. cricket bat in the hands of the leader of free world is a pretty unusual place for it:

    Between fixing the economy and shaking hands with crazy South American leaders – our president got a cricket lesson from Brian Lara last week.

  2. He’s opened the face, poor technique.

  3. Unimportant, everyones favourite 80mph leg spinning, six smiting mad man has just taking 6 wickets.

    Any afridi action warms my heart, there is to little afridi in the world right now.

  4. Barack would be a good name for a West Indian player – I can see why Lara is nurturing him.

    I’m not so sure that Hippity would be a similarly suitable name. But I do see the connection between the mad Afridi and the mad bunny.

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