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Kolkata Knight Riders have banned laptops apparently, so Fake IPL Player is having to update via SMS. As a result of this, the blog has become a nightmarish quagmire of abbreviations and acronyms – in short, just the sort of site we can’t bear to read.

There’s no excuse. We write things out in full even in text message format. We use semi-colons as well and not even as a component of something that’s supposed to depict a face.

Punctuation has no part within a face. Get a grip, Fake IPL Player.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Ha! Your punctuation as a face automatically turned into a face. The joke’s on you.

    Mostly it’s on us though, because we hate that too.

  2. Reporter: So you are saying that you havent decided the Batting Order in a single Match, still?
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  4. Explosive News from the KKR Camp!
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    Latest in the series of incessant controversies (thanks to Bookha Naan and Phoren Babas), Ajay Jadeja has revealed a sensational news from the KKR camp in a private news channel. Jadeja said that the foreign coaching staff members of the KKR team are ill treating the Indian cricketers. It was also alleged that racist comments were being hurled at an Indian cricketer. The cricketer was asked to come out of the field, by a coaching staff member. When the cricketer questioned him, the coaching staff supposedly replied, “You Indian … do what I say.”

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