Who is Fake IPL Player?

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Are you interested in who Fake IPL Player is? You can probably work it out if you’ve got the time and inclination.

We have neither. We have a built-in defence mechanism against mass enthusiasm. We detest all forms of enthusiasm and the greater the number of people interested in something, the more we feel our own interest ebb away.

We just checked and his last post has 614 comments. That’s out of our jurisdiction now. We’ve got to leave this issue to the sorts of people who like to engage with society; the sorts of people who are interested in what everyone’s thinking. We’ll go back to trying to force people to have no strong  opinion about Ian Bell.

At first there was an element of intrigue about Fake IPL Player. Now we just think: ‘Ah, it’ll just be some guy.’ The chances of it being Sourav Ganguly are nonexistent, let’s be honest.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. At least 700 of those comments are other people plugging their own blogs on who the IPL player is (well, and one misguided individual plugging “skateserbia.com” twenty times in various misspellings). It could very well be that not a single real person has actually heard of the Fake IPL Player.

    I mean, I’m not real, and I’ve heard of him. Q.E.D.

  2. Stop trying to trick us into embracing the zeitgeist.

    The zeitgeist is a great fat lump of dog toss.

  3. What would you do if you got 700 comments on a KC post and BECAME the zeitgeist?

    (Just out of curiosity. As a hypothesis kind of thing.)

  4. Sharon, we’d probably carry out our plan to set up a rival internet, to which nobody had access.

  5. Ed – i soooo want to leave a comment – but either i am a computer spaz or your new blog is anti comments.

  6. Consider it done. Although you know what these media cover-ups are like…..don’t be surprised if you don’t read about it in the morning papers.

  7. I agree that the fake IPL player cannot possibly be Sourav Ganguly. But it might be Ganguly’s valet.

    Daisy, btw, when she first heard of Ganguly thought he was named “Sir Alf Ganguly”. I rather prefer Daisy’s version of the monicker.

  8. If you think you can work it out why dont you work it out? The fakeIPL player, real or not is doing a great job.

    admit u cant do shit about him and live with it. Instead of claiming a lack of interest and all that crap. btw KK has found another club for a small private stint after our next game if you know what i mean

  9. Look everyone, a talking burger.

    Thanks for filling us in on what’s happening with Karl Kennedy (KK) from Neighbours.

    We were worried he wasn’t going to get much of a bat this season and we’re massively relieved to hear he’s found a club.

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