Shahid Afridi represents Pakistan

Shahid Afridi turns his arm overShahid Afridi embodies the reasons why cricket needs Pakistan.

Here’s a man who’s most famous for his ludicrously single-minded determination to hit every balll he faces into the moon, as if it’s somehow wronged him with its offensive nocturnal luminescence. That’s Shahid Afridi’s thing. That’s what he does.

Yet he’s also someone who can take 6-38 to beat Australia with his fast-medium leg-breaks, despite barely playing an international match of note for more than a year.

Where England lose matches by each player being a bit worse than his opposite number, Pakistan lose matches through breathtaking collective incompetence.

Where England win matches through each player being a bit better than his opposite number; Pakistan win matches through any one of their number defying probability and good sense to do something outrageous.

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5 Appeals

  1. that last line is spot-on, and fantastic.

  2. YAY australia are shit again

    OH australia are good again

    YAY australia are shit again

    OH we’ve lost the ashes

  3. Kamran Akmal also discovered what to do with that piece of willow he was holding.

  4. I dunno, it’s not really true of Pakistan anymore. Most of them are as incapable of doing the ridiculous as England’s players. It’s just Afridi, maybe Akmal once in a while. Akhtar? He seems to have gone down the poophole. If only Asif would get back sometime…

  5. Hippity the Green Bunny

    April 25, 2009 at 6:43 am

    Shahid Afridi is my hero! Shahid Afridi is my hero!! Shahid Afridi is my hero!!!

    I won’t hear a thing said against him.

    Green folk with beans where their brains should be all need to stick together, you know.

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