Steve Davies goes one better

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Steve Davies - impeccable addition from the young keeperNottinghamshire v Worcestershire. It’s Chris Read v Steve Davies in a battle for third or fourth place in the England wicketkeeping hierarchy. Game on!

Steve Davies clearly said to himself: ‘Whatever Chris Read can do, I can go one better.’

Fortunately for Steve Davies, Chris Read hit 125, so ‘one better’ was quite impressive. If Read had missed a straight one first-up, all Davies would have had to do was edge a single down to third man.

Instead he had to edge a single down to third man 126 times. At least we assume that’s what happened and we’re not going to let ‘facts’ or ‘the truth’ dissuade us from thinking that.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. KC- is it me or is your ‘content’ becoming increasingly whimsical? I’ve nothing against whimsy as such, I just wondered really. Do you feel like you’re getting old?

  2. Is erratic, directionless writing a symptom of age? We weren’t aware of that.

    Why is the word ‘content’ in inverted commas?

    That comment raises a lot of questions.

  3. “King Cricket” – I do “feel” that your “writing” is increasingly “trite”.

    I “therefore” discard it.

  4. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend.
    I suppose I detected the sort of ennui that normally sets in when you finally realise that those days really are gone forever

  5. This is like one of those scenes in a certain sort of film where Middle Class Character starts describing the emotions and motives of the protagonist in a book they’re reading.

    However, their empathy with said character really only tells the viewer about what Middle Class Character’s feeling.

    “She feels trapped. Like there’s no way out. She yearns for excitement in her life and this man offers her a glimpse of that.”

    The other characters in the film nod thoughtfully at Middle Class Character’s insight, not knowing that really she’s only justifying her own slapperishness.

    This is like that.

    Alex, are you 30 this week?

  6. oh crikey, stick to the whimsy before someone gets hurt.
    I like Steve Davies. I just wish he’d gone two better. I think that would prove his point. Otherwise they might just go
    ‘oh, lovely, what a coincidence, it seems as if he’s slightly a bit better than him. but its probably a fluke’
    whereas, 2 runs better:
    ‘OH WOW, this guy is onto something, he’s really left Read looking like an incompetent fool.’

  7. It was the whole inadvertently-revealing-your-own-feelings thing, rather than the middle-class-book-loving-slapper angle.

  8. The first King Cricket post I can remember reading involved a dream about spider-man as an international umpire. I think the decrease in whimsy on this site is a sign that King Cricket is regressing to childhood, when he was sensible and eschewed transformers in favour of nicely balanced accounting books.

  9. And there was me thinking that the KC blog had only just scratched the surface of whimsy so far.

    But there’s still time.

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