Steve Davies, Worcestershire – one to watch in 2009

One of three pictures in our 'Worcestershire' folderTo be honest, we haven’t got much to add to what we said about Steven Davies last year. At least this year he’ll be in Division One.

This is the problem with news of earth-shattering importance – it makes writing about Worcestershire wicketkeepers less appealing.

Imagine you work in the accounts department for a trampoline manufacturer. One day there’s a trampoline testing crisis and you’re whisked out of the office as an emergency stand-in for the normal test guy who’s been apprehended by the police after not returning an item to the bagging area when using the automatic cashier system at Tesco.

After a day of fun-packed trampoline testing, the man returns to work and you’re sent back to the accounts department. Suddenly your spreadsheets seem grey and sterile. No matter how much conditional formatting you use, you can’t recreate the breathless elation of just jumping up and down for a living.

That’s how we feel writing about Steve Davies right now.

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5 Appeals

  1. I can’t believe that trampolining for a living could possibly be more exciting than spreadsheets. Surely the novelty would wear off after a while and you’d be longing to go back to your pivot tables.

    No? Just me then?

  2. once i failed to place an item in the bagging area in sainsbury’s.

    they chained me to a radiator and made me watch jamie oliver’s ‘jamie cooks christmas’ on a loop for seven years.

    the horror.

  3. I’m with you, Dave – it’s all about pivot tables and VBA for your macros. Trampolining doesn’t even get close.

  4. . o 0 ( Hey trampoline! VLOOKUP() This! Kerpow!!! )

  5. U have a top site here guys ! I have a new thread on my site previewing the 2009 county season. Please visit and share your views and opinions as it shall be interesting to hear from u.

    yours in sport

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