County cricketers to watch in 2009

What county cricketers are worth watching in 2009?

These ones:

You can watch other cricketers bat and bowl if you want, but you’d be far better off watching Mark Davies do his rehab or Paul Horton have a swift pint with one of his mates.

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5 Appeals

  1. Whoa there KC. Rehabilitation?

    As a consequence of being picked as one to watch for the nth time, Mark has not even got to the seeing the specialist stage – let alone the correct diagnosis bit. I fear we are going to have to wait a good while longer yet for the excitement of the Rehabilitation phase! [I hope I’m wrong!]

  2. Have you got a bet on Worcestershire being relegated this season or something? First Simon Jones gets injured, now Kabir Ali’s knacked his hamstring and is out for six weeks!

  3. There you go! KC is knobbling the opposition by the fowl means of ‘ones to watch’ – I’d put that bet on now!

    Not sure what Paul Hortans crime has been?

  4. Horton [sorry]

  5. Fowl? You mean there’s poultry involved?

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