County cricket players to watch in 2010

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We’re watching these guys when there isn’t an international match on, which is never:


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Some would argue that Bopara, Plunkett and Rashid play international cricket as well. So surely you watch them more often?

  2. Hello,

    I am an ardent cricket supporter, I have only in the past two seasons affiliated myself with one particular county (Surrey) as I just love cricket and want all teams to do equally well for the benefit of the England side.

    I’ve set up home now in South West London and being a 15 minute train ride from Vauxhall it seemed foolish not to become a county member at Surrey. Despite their shockingly woeful performances, last season was fabulous. I spent many a Saturday and Sunday watching the Championship and a fair few evenings after work watching the shorter formats.

    I read a lot about so called officials bemoaning the declining interest in the four-day game and the falling attendances. It would seem sensible to me then that they would make some effort to encourage a greater love of the four-day format, I thought they had tried to do this when I received a stack of guest passes for Championship games with my membership this year.

    What a load of nonsense.

    I was sat with my calendar on Saturday morning (before heading off to see Derbyshire), pen poised to block out the necessary weekends for cricket watching. What???!!! I’m looking at the fixture list and there are two, TWO Championship home matches to be played over a weekend (one whilst I’m on holiday, damn my fella for booking it already), the remainder are Tuesday-Friday. WHAT???!!! In the days of dwindling crowds, tell me how this is supposed to encourage more people to attend when the matches are being played whilst most people are at work. Is the Championship purely the reserve of the retired and unemployed?? And pray tell me what the purpose is of my guest passes for the Championship matches??

    I am so utterly incensed, it’s a complete joke. I do wonder if the powers that be are trying to eradicate the four-day game altogether. No more 50-over cricket, no more four-day cricket and an England team made up of players who have no choice but to learn “on the job”.

    I badly want to bang a number of heads together but I doubt I will get the opportunity. I would like to send an enormous petition to the ECB, all the Counties, Downing Street, The Pearly Gates – ANYONE with any influence but alas, the number of people that I know who are blessed to understand and love the wonderful game just isn’t enough to turn any heads. As such, I am sending this email to any cricket website that I can and imploring of those of you with far more contacts than I to please do the decent thing and kick up a fuss on behalf of the County Championship. It is loved, it should be respected and it will be sorely missed by all those having to work whilst it is being played in front of empty stands.

    Please help in this crusade, the Championship and its fans will be eternally grateful.

    Many thanks,
    Victoria Biggs

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