A cricket ball in Netflix’s Designated Survivor

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Hoopy writes:

After deciding I was going to waste a Saturday between mowing the lawn, chatting shit to mates, finishing Borderlands 2 (again) and watching telly, I came up with this.

It’s a scene from a telly programme called Designated Survivor. It’s on Netflix and seems to be based around close-ups of Kiefer Sutherland taking his glasses off and looking a bit pensive (he’s president of the US, so has a bit on his plate).

Anyhow; the pic was taken during episode 473, where something was happening in the White House (imagine Denbigh Town Hall, but a bit bigger) press secretary’s office involving a journalist type person who didn’t appear to own a razor.

I was sitting on the sofa watching this chewing gum for the mind, when all of a sudden I noticed a cricket ball on his desk. There’s some reflection business going on in the photo with my TV remote caught up in it all, but I assure you it’s genuine.

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19 Appeals

  1. I stopped watching after they killed off Hannah Wells for absolutely no reason. Even a cricket ball doesn’t make up for this remarkable stupidity.

  2. Tried quite hard to identify the species of ball. I’m guessing it is a Regal Crown – not quite the same look as the images I can find but I think that is the brand:


    If anyone else knows more or different, do tell.

    Great spotting there, Hoopy. Masterful.

  3. Kiefer Sutherland was born in Middlesex. I imagine this is the reason.

  4. Is this the Through The Night thread?

    • King Cricket

      December 13, 2019 at 8:24 am

      There’s a similar principle at play with regards to through-the-night or waking up and checking the scorecard.

      The former gives you a bit of time to come to terms with things.

    • Test cricket needs its own version of the exit poll. The moment the toss is made and the teams formally announced, the coverage should immediately show and discuss a hypothetical scorecard. Each batsman would have their projected score listed, as would each bowler, based on a detailed computer simulation of form, styles and match-ups. That way, for antipodean tours we would be prepared for whatever shocks the morning would bring, our emotions cossetted within the margin of error.

      • Just as long as it isn’t Jeremy Vine beebsplaining the projections with his whiny voice and fancy pants graphics.

        It’s you, Sam, who’s let us all down this time. Why oh why couldn’t you torpedo another dissembling Tory PM with your incisive journalistic inquiries?

      • I am but one man. Although at the moment I feel rather less than that, having slept for two hours in the last two days.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that the Trans-Tasman test series has started?

    The fact had passed me by, until I popped into the Home of Corks yesterday morning…did you see what I did there?…for a game of tennis.

    It’s being shown in BT Sport. A day /night test in Perth – scheduled hours 5:00-12:00 GMT – timing about as good at it gets for those of us in the UK.

    It’s not exactly going well for the Kiwis so far, despite them having looked pretty strong against England the other week.

    Yet more evidence that England has so much work to do in order to thrive in the antipodes.

    • I too was about to comment on this but I see Ged has got in before me!

      I don’t know quite what to make of it all, and I wonder very much how well Australia would be getting on if this series were being hosted in NZ. Very difficult to subtract the “home advantage” factor to get a true measure of the performance of a team isn’t it?

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