Deccan Chargers?

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Which ones are Deccan Chargers? This is the problem we’re having with the IPL. The teams have no real identities. It’s impossible to remember who’s who.

Here’s what we can easily remember:

That’s pretty much it. We do know more, but we have to think and you all know how we feel about that kind of exertion.

Turns out Adam Gilchrist, Shahid Afridi and Andrew Symonds play for Deccan Chargers. You’d think we’d be able to hold that information in our head – and we sort of did.

We just allied those names to an entirely different team.


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  1. Hmmm..

    Ok so Deccan is referred to as the southern part of india cos of this plateau located between 3 mountain ranges. Hyderabad is in the south and the team is owned by Deccan Chronicle – the largest newspaper from the South. Hence the Hyderbabd team known as the Deccan Chargers.

    VVS Laxman is the most well known Hyderabadi to play for India after Azharuddin. So his team is the Deccan Chargers.

    VVS asked not be given icon status so Hyerabad could dish out big money for good players. Hence Symonds, Gilchrist, Afridi, Gibbs were bought for handsome sums.

    For other teams:

    Sehwag is from Delhi so his team is the Delhi Daredevils.

    Dravid is from Bangalore hence he captains the Royal Challengers.

    Yuvraj is Punjabi – punjab’s main city is Mohali owned by Punjabi Preity Zinta. So Yuvraj captains the Kings XI Punjab.

    You already know about Mumbai and Kolkata.

    Jaipur hasn’t produced any international star for India. Hence Shane Warne captains them – the Rajhastan Royals. Jaipur is a part of Rajhastan.

    I’m Pakistani in case u were wondering 🙂

  2. Our problems are more to do with who plays in what team.

    If you asked us who Ross Taylor played for, we’d have no idea without asking the internet. And who are Ross Taylor’s team mates? Could be anyone.

    We’ve had about ten days to mentally refile 30 or 40 cricketers. We’ve only got through a handful so far.

  3. That will get worse KC… The Aussies and Kiwis are leaving and the Pakis and Saffers are arriving… so now when u had probably gotten ur way around to knowing who Hayden, Taylor, Oram, Lee play for they will all be gone and u would be worrying about who Gibbs, Ntini, Misbah, Salman Butt, Albie Morkel play for.

    Its a never ending problem.

    Next year when the players trade, it’ll be worse.

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