Somerset v Deccan Chargers stands for a lot when it comes to the Twenty20 Champions League

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To further clarify our feelings about the Twenty20 Champions League, it’ll be interesting precisely as long as there’s a chance that the budget sides might make a joke out of the rampant capitalism on which the whole thing is built.

Basically, if Somerset beat Deccan Chargers, it’ll be pretty funny and in the unlikely event that Somerset, Otago and Wayamba outperform all the IPL sides, it’ll nicely undercut the pompous bluster that the whole thing relies on. However, the more years the Twenty20 Champions League lasts, the less likely it is that this kind of thing will happen.

Basically, we hate anything where the people behind it have identified a ‘target audience’. Our enjoyment revolves around them being a little bit disappointed. They won’t mind the odd upset, but anything more than that will say that the IPL teams are something other than 100% awesome and that won’t go down well with those marketing that overhyped little tournament.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This is a remarkably sensible post, but I wholeheartedly agree. I by and large have no interest in this whatsoever, beyond wanting James Hildreth, Trego and co make the million dollar players look silly.

    I want to see Lalit Modi’s face when all his IPL teams get thumped by the underdogs, even though I don’t think I know what his face looks like.

  2. So IPL is 0-3. Great. Lalit must be sobbing into his chequebook by now.

    I’m ignoring the fireworks and cheerleaders and focusing on the fact that I can actually watch live cricket on TV again. Take that Sky Sports.

  3. Alfonso Thomas what a star! I thought the Tresco soap opera squad would be worth a watch.

    Starting to like that Champions League Twenty20 thang – saying volumes about real teams v splashed cash assemblages. Good stuff so far – even if it is on cricinfo!?!? [no Eurosport on my TV *sob*]

  4. I’ve been watching quite a lot of it so far, and have enjoyed it because of the IPL teams losing. The introduction of traditional teams has made it interesting for me as well. I found myself in the unusual position of enjoying a South African team win something when the Cape Cobras beat the Royal Challengers.

    The whole manufactured element of it make me sad though. I’m watching NSW v Sussex now, and the commentators have just explained a feature that after every round, an all star 11 will be selected. “You’ll be able to identify whose been selected by the ‘all star’ badges on their shirts”. Good God. An end of tournament ‘All star’ 11 fair enough, but after every round?

    I saw a pole on the TV where they were asking the public to vote if Modi was the saviour of Indian cricket. 80% or so thought he was. Either that or he’ll be the destroyer of what I consider to be ‘cricket’.

  5. I was lucky enough to have been at the in-laws this weekend. They have a full sports package. I managed to watch the first innings of the Somerset game, very much enjoying Trego’s incredible pace variation, but missed the Somerset inningsas the Mrs said it was boring.

    I suppose this will teach me for keeping her at such a high level of excitement in her day to day life that she can adjudge 30 off 17 balls from the Fonz and a last ball, one wicket victory to be “boring”.

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