Matthew Hoggard does the unthinkable

We're sticking with the beer picture for our MatthewMatthew Hoggard smashed someone’s box!

That really doesn’t bear thinking about. What are the chances that the delivery was precisely quick enough to smash a box but not quick enough to do any further harm? The chances of that are nil.

Thankfully, we haven’t actually seen this. The BBC say that he ‘shattered’ Michael Carberry’s box. Surely these things shouldn’t shatter under any amount of impact. They should be made out of the same stuff they make tanks out of.

That word again: ‘shattered’. Conjures images of hundreds of spiky shards, doesn’t it? No wonder Hampshire’s first six wickets fell to The Yeoman. Everyone was bricking it.

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7 Appeals

  1. That beer picture subliminally got me drinking Marstons smooth only yesterday.

    Damn you sneaky marketers.

  2. Smooth?

    Eugh! Suave, you may be be, errr, suave, but you should never to so smoothas to drink Marston’s Smooth.

    (bloody southerners…..)

  3. It was that or fosters Ne, and that’s piss.
    The worst selection of beer I’ve evers seen at a cricket ground..

  4. I understand that you had to change your name to Ne, as The Scientician was too much to spell, but what on earth were you trying to say?

    Science is evil, it stops you from being able to talk/type properly!

    I bet that’s what happens when a female talks to you too?!

  5. There was a female in the office just now. I got all confused.

  6. It’s the same choice at the Oval but I go for the Fosters because at least you know where you are with Fosters (you are holding a particularly rough pint of lager). Whereas Marstons, with its pretensions to smoothness, I can’t bear.

  7. Shuddering. Those shards can be cruelly cutting. But just goes to show Hoggy’s still got it.

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