Andrew Symonds hits Twenty20 hundred

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Andrew Symonds - probably 'knows' that he's goodAnd this annoys us.

When people are throwing huge money around, there’s nothing quite like watching them make a right balls of it. Andrew Symonds sold for $1.35 million and we’d have quite liked him to be a colossal failure. Unfortunately, he’s been okay and even if Deccan Chargers lost the match, 117 off 53 balls is more than tidy.

The other downside is that this will reinforce Symonds’ self confidence and if there’s one thing we hate more than people who are self-confident, it’s people who are justifiably self-confident. What’s so wrong with constantly questioning your own worth and then giving yourself massively unflattering answers, eh?

Faith in your own abilities? Pah. Let’s see you do it the hard way, when you know you’re a huge imposter who’s merely been tricking people into thinking you’re in any way competent at anything. That’s a true test.

At least he’s gone for 101 runs from the 6.5 overs he’s bowled.


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  1. That’s what has happened to me, everyday of my working life.

    Why have I not been found out?

    I can only assume it’s because everyone else is thinking the same.

  2. Sangakkara played a fantastic innings today, 94 off 56. He hit 13 fours and I’m pretty sure all of them were impeccably timed and perfectly placed into the gaps. I’ll take that over Symonds’ agricultural heaves for six any day of the week.

  3. Mulling over the turgid nature of a Symond’s six as opposed to a Sangakkara six – what about style marks – concurrent with music and fireworks and whatever else goes on at 6 score (pah to yet another subscription channel – the IPL isn’t that inviting) – as in ice skating or skateboarding with a prize for the most stylish? Or would that be trivialising and commercialising the game?

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