Andrew Symonds, a terrible batsman, hits some very lucky runs

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Amazingly incompetent at being brilliant at failing wellIn January we said that Andrew Symonds had disproved our feeling that he wasn’t the man you wanted at the crease if you’d lost early wickets and everyone rounded on us for not thinking he was the mutt’s nuts even sooner.

So we’re a bit uncertain what to say about his invaluable, counter-punching 79 yesterday. We’ve a vague suspicion that the title of the update has more bearing than the content itself, so we’ll test that.

Australia were 18-5 when he came in and if that’s not being in trouble, then what is? It was a fantastic knock, wresting back momentum from a West Indian bowling attack that rather pleasingly thought it was of a Seventies or Eighties vintage, rather than the inspid modern equivalent.


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  1. I don’t know about 70s or 80s vintage, but it was nice to see Daren Powell at least pretending to be an international quality bowler. It’ll all have been forgotten once Jerome Tayor’s fit of course, but it made a nice change.

  2. He has almost always delivered when the Aussies have been 4 or 5 down for next to nothing.

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