Andrew Symonds hits new low

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Got any WKD?He was in ‘an altercation’ with some guy in a pub. Apparently the other guy, an official in the Aussie armed forces, asked for a picture with Symonds and when the hulking all-rounder said no, threw a couple of punches at him.

That’s not the shocking part though. If truth be told, it sounds like Symonds is a target for bell-ends and didn’t really do too much wrong by his standards. The shocking part comes in a quote from a manager of the pub where he was drinking. Note ‘a manager’, not ‘the manager’. How many Australians does it take to manage a pub?

Anyway, this manager said: “I had a beer with Andrew. He was on the light beers.”

From what we’ve learnt, Australian light beers can be as little as 2.7%. You know what that is?



  1. Light beers are designed for those driving. A schooner (3/4 pint) is one standard drink which makes it easy to count your alcohol intake. They also taste like crap, I’d rather have one pint of proper beer and a coke than two lights.

    The Normanby is a massive pub (look) so it’s not surprising that it would have several managers. It is also open long enough hours that management need two shifts to cover the day.

  2. I actually feel sorry for him this time. He has become fair game for one and all to step out and tease him into an error. I think someone’s hoping something will stick ultimately so that they can then filch his money.

    They know he’s a rich bwoy, consumed by the bottle and a little unbalanced in the attic. Easy to provoke him and make him commit a blunder and then make him pay for it.

    It is true he himself is responsible to place himself in such a position but he is also an ill man.

  3. I remember the days when 2.7% was the alcohol content of “normal beer”, such as Sainsbury’s own brand and/or the cheapest bitter available in the Students’ Union.

    Thems were the days.

  4. Plus, in OZ they drink out of scooners which means he was drinking half a shandy, that is a small child measure of alcohol. He could drink drink fifty of them and still drive a car legally.

  5. Awww look, all he wanted was a couple o’ light beers with his mates. You can take yer camera and shove it up yer arse

  6. Light beers. Humph. Now, I happen to enjoy a pint of mild as much as the next man (probably more so, in fact), but it’s about taste.

    And 3% “light beers” have about as much taste as a potato. And I ain’t talking about a fresh King Edward sliced and sautéed in bacon fat here.

    When an Aussie starts trash talking about necking a dozen tinnies, he’s typically talking about 12 x 350ml x 3%…which equates to less than six pints of ale or four and a half of Stella. Not that Stella’s real beer any more, anyway.

    *rants off into the distance*

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