Stuart Broad’s hair

There aren't many pictures of it yet - this isn't a good exampleStuart Broad appears to have been to a barber’s in India. We’ve deduced this by the fact that he’s now got a nice, sensible side-parting, where before he had an effete, highlighted mullet.

If you go to a barber’s in India, you can ask for what you like, but more often than not, what they’ll hear is “a nice, sensible side-parting please”. We had multiple haircuts in India. They were inevitably nice, sensible side-partings.

If Stuart Broad is a wise man, then he’d also have asked for a shave. Getting a shave at a barber’s in India is one of the best things a man can do. You get a brilliant facial massage and you can pretend that you didn’t know it was going to happen. A facial massage while retaining a firm and robust sense of your own masculinity – what could be better?

We write altogether too many updates about cricketers’ hair, don’t we? We don’t care. We have a firm and robust sense of our own masculinity.

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17 Appeals

  1. I used to know a bloke who, for his 40th birthday, was treated to a trip to somewhere miles away for a facial. The trip included a ride in a stretch limo with free chocolates and Champagne. He said it made him feel special. Not long after, he started wearing t-shirts that were just a little bit too tight.

    I’m sure he thought he had a firm and robust sense of his own masculinity too!

  2. And what are you doing for your 41st?

  3. I’ve joined a Village People tribute act.

  4. If Broad asked for a side parting then what did Ishant Sharma say to the hairdresser when he had this done?

  5. Sami, it looks like Ishant got his mum to cut his hair.

  6. Or Srisanth (spelling??) cut it.

    That’s who he looks like Sreesanth. Sree sant. Mr Santh – that’s it.

  7. The boy Broad isn’t the only one for the chop – the Swannettes are in severe denial since their hero had a particuarly vicious buzz cut and I’ve have been forced to photoshop him with a beanie hat on the offending tonsure

  8. Ceci-

    Surely that should be Cygnets?

  9. Sam – Cygnets would suggest a lack of maturity and too much adolescent silliness. That’s not us. At all. As if. Whatever.

  10. Ceci dearest, I believe that should be spelt “w’ever”.

  11. Kingcricket, the good thing about the hair updates is the adverts that they generate on the site. Currently on the right, there’s an ad that could be made just for me, as it’s for a curly hair product called “mixed chicks”. Apparently, by using this product I will not only have lovely non-frizzy curls, I will also look less depressed, my grey hoody will turn into a foxy low-cut top, make up will appear on my face as if by magic, and I will be transported to Tahiti.

  12. Graeme Swann himself has contributed to the hair debate – perhaps in an effort to distract us from his own rather dramatic ‘do – by commenting on Sibo’s injury thus:

    “He’s having a bit of an unlucky run,” said his Nottinghamshire and England team-mate Graeme Swann. “I’m desperate to see Ryan playing again, and I think English cricket needs that sort of haircut in the team”

  13. Not quite sure what happened there – Swanny now appears to be speaking in a mixture of English and hieroglyphics (too much sun to his now unprotected head, perhaps?)

  14. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ishant Sharma has had the most radical surgery.

    No-one ever notices when I have a trim – from “long and unkempt looking” to “just a tiny bit shorter and slightly less unkempt looking”.

    Subtle, me.

  15. Are you in India? If so, welcome, albeit belatedly.

  16. No, it was years ago that we were over. Your might belated welcome is gratefully accepted all the same though.

  17. Hair – only Ishant knows how to cope. The tourists are just a clueless rabble! Broad should have gone for the buzzcut – Swann should have tried to make up for the shortage of wild hair now that Sidy is sidelined. It’s all gone so wrong – no wonder England is doomed on this tour!

    Someone go and find Mark Davies, his hair was heading firmly for his shoulder’s. Then again perhaps he has succumbed to the delights of the Bangalore shave?

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