Simon Katich plays a nice innings

Simon Katich exhibited solid defensive fortificationsPeople who decide man of the match awards are stupid. If there are loads of runs in the match, man of the match adjudicators think the batsmen have all batted really well and pick the guy who scored the most. If it’s a really low-scoring game, they think the bowlers have done really well and pick the guy with the best figures.

That’s such shite. This Australia v New Zealand match featured four low scores. Out of 44 individual innings, only three were over 40. Simon Katich carried his bat for 130 not out and he wasn’t man of the match. Mitchell Johnson was for nine cheap wickets.

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4 Appeals

  1. Mitchell Johnson gives hope to all STW (shit takes wickets) bowlers.

  2. what the hell, i dint know about that. katich should have been a shoe in.

    who picked mitchell anyway ??

  3. At least Mitchell Johnson didn’t get to ride around on a motorbike,showing off his prize, as a result of his inappropriate selection as MOM?

    Or did he?

  4. Do you think Graeme Swann would have bowled better if the man of the match got a pink ferrari?

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