Stuart Broad snatches the all-rounder baton off Andrew Flintoff

Stuart Broad about to dismiss another Aussie

Andrew Flintoff should keep a close eye on all his cricket gear. Stuart Broad will have his bats, his pads and even his box given half a chance. He’s not waiting until the big man’s gone before taking over.

When Swann got North, we yelped like a female coati. When Broad bowled Haddin, we went up an octave. It sounded like a baby Bongolava mouse lemur had been kicked in the nuts.

We’re far happier seeing an England all-rounder of the future scything through Australia like a laser through hot butter. It bodes well for the future.

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9 Appeals

  1. You’re not a proper Broadette O King. There were no exclamation marks in that piece

  2. He still looks like a teenage girl.

  3. malfoy on stilts – as CMJ beautify put it

  4. Stu Broad forced me to admit I was wrong. Seriously peeved.

    (I am disinct from the above ‘Pat’ )

  5. The Tall Man is a current and future legend.

  6. draco/malfoy is thus in wiki:-

    “Draco is described as a tall boy with a pale, pointed face, sleek white-blond hair, and cold grey eyes.”

    If Broad is on stilts he would be bowling above the line of the sight screen. Perfectly fair tactics against the convict XI

  7. How do you know what a female coati sounds like, KC.?

    Have you ever isolated a single female to hear her yelp?

    I have only ever encountered coatis en famille and wouldn’t have been able to distinguish the females from the males and children.

  8. start broad i am the greatest fan of you in the universe.seriously i am very……………………………………… like you. i promise to you after 6 years i am always meet with are the most beatiful person in the past.present and are aausam.i am don’t talk in words how much i like you.

  9. i have no brother and sister .you are just like my brother

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