Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds and the scented candle – an abbreviated anecdote

The only Symonds-approved scented candleWatson thought the changing room stank and lit a scented candle. Andrew Symonds gave him shit for it.

Andrew Symonds comes out of this well; Shane Watson less so.

This tale comes from Matthew Hayden’s autobiography.

We hope we get a review copy. Buying Matthew Hayden’s autobiography would effectively mean giving him money and that would amount to tacit approval of the man.

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11 Appeals

  1. I’m trying to get my head around this one.

    Was Watson’s choice of scent not to Symonds’ taste?

    Does Symonds prefer the use of joss sticks? Or those delightful oil lamp things that Daisy seems to prefer these days.

    She comes in incense and patchouli……….

    ……guess it must be the year of the cat…….

    I’m there now, headwise. I’ll go lie down for a while.

  2. You’re a strange cuss.

    Matthew Hayden is apparently beyond the pale yet you worship that useless fat gimp Key like he’s some form of deity.

  3. Matthew Hayden is beyond the pale and Rob Key is some form of deity.

  4. On second thoughts I suppose there is a resemblance to Ganesha what with the massive conk and flabby gut.

  5. Apparently, so the story goes, Watson just pulled a scented candle from his kit bag.
    For other emergencies he also has his bag:
    * assorted hair styling products
    * GHD hair straighteners
    * waxing strips
    * a few of his favourite Mills&Boon novels
    * chocolate
    * Sleepless in Seatle DVD

    Trust me on this, I have this on good authority.

  6. There are so many reasons to ♥ Andrew Symonds.

  7. On a philosophical note, is the beer still tasty if no one is around to drink it ?

  8. Symonds obvioulsy was more used to the smell of stale ale and piss.

    Whats wrong with that the morning after?

  9. I’m sorry brad, but whomever told you that story about Twatto’s kit bag lied.

    Sleepless in Seattle is far too advanced and grown-up for Twatto. He does have a collection of DVDs with The Twiggles, though …

    Also, you forgot to mention his comfort blanket. You don’t seriously think he’d go anywhere without it, do you?!

  10. I want to know what kind of scented candle. I’m going for Dyptique tubereuse.

  11. And here I thought all he had was a bat and Rohypnol…

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