How soft is Shane Watson?

Shane Watson blubs uncontrollably because he's run out of styling waxWe’ve always said that Shane Watson always looks on the verge of tears. Chris Gayle agrees.

Gayle says that Watson’s easy to wind up. “He only looks big and strong but he’s soft.”

But how soft? We already know that Watson’s so soft he has to sleep in Brett Lee’s room when he thinks he’s in a haunted castle, but surely he’s even softer than that.

We’d say that Shane Watson is so soft that if he were wearing one of those children’s coats which features a pair of mittens on a string, he’d cry if one of the mittens got lost up a sleeve.

Anyone want to raise us on that?

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29 Appeals

  1. King Cricket

    December 23, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    That would cheer anyone up.

    Even us.

  2. He’s not soft…brittle maybe…

    Hasn’t Gayle lost his cool sheen though, he’s a major tosser too.

    Anyway check out the best cricket book ever here.

  3. King Cricket

    December 23, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Jesus Christ, it’s not enough that we’ve done a post and are doing a review, Jarrod’s got his acolytes pimping his wares in the comments as well.

  4. No, no KC….don’t do that. JRod got all emotional when I made a joke about the whole book thing. Not Shane Watson soft, maybe, but still enough to make me feel bad. Go check the comments on his yesterday’s Dinesh Karthick post.

  5. Shane Watson will probably never have the respect of the Oz fans even if he plays brilliantly. He’s too much of a sook and a gobster.

  6. How about… Shane Watson is as soft as a ten pint guinness poo?

  7. This comments thread is the best one ever.

  8. What kind of world are we in where Jrod has acolytes?

  9. It’s a bit like the world in which KC has acolytes; only upside down.

  10. Ceci, I’ve seen a fair few of your efforts, but that’s possibly the most disturbing. All it needs is a packet of Worther’s Originals and a primary school in the background.

  11. I’m still at work. That’s about to change, however. All that remains is to wish all you regulars (as well as any honey badgers, capybara and indeed pangolins that may be reading) a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  12. King Cricket

    December 24, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Merry Christmas. Should probably do a Christmas post really.

    Give us a minute.

  13. King Cricket

    December 24, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    Nah, we’ve got nothing to say beyond ‘merry Christmas’ it seems.

  14. Ceci unfortunately that looks like Robin Williams not Shame Watson.

  15. Happy Christmas everyone.

  16. Merry Christmas everyone – especially animals who don’t seem that bothered about the cricket.

  17. Merry Christmas everyone. We have already dressed the Ginger cat in a Santa outfit.

  18. I have seen the photo of that Miriam. I think King Cricket would like to see it very very much too

  19. Mims, surely that’s cruel. The RSPCA* should know!

    * Royal Society for the Protection from Christmas of Animals.

  20. Shane WAtson is soft – this is newsworthy? Gayle ‘s a bit slow on the uptake, too.

    Of course Twatto is soft. In the head as well. He’s a total cupcake … no, cream puff. Always has been. I knew that back in 05.

    so what else is new?

    and Happy Christmas, KC, to the best cricket blog.
    (there , I’ll be your acolyte. Probably the last thing you want – an Aussie groupie)

  21. But how come an Australian turned out soft???

    Was there a naughty Englishman living next to the Watson’s home who may have paid a visit Twenty odd years ago..

  22. Shayne Whatson is as soft as they come. It was great seeing him out again today falling short of a 100. He is a Wayne Kerr. If anyone saw the run out, he was all about saving his own wicket.

  23. Poor Shane – out in the nineties again today! Do u think gets spooked when closing in on his 1st test 100?!?

  24. Yo King Cricket, By the order of the Supreme Council of Cricket Lovers (SCCL) you are *not* permitted to take Christmas off. Your silence since 1 pm Christmas Eve has been noted. Back to work, homies..

    PS: You will be forgiven if you can prove that you were incapacitated. Please furnish the address of the ditch that you occupied in your inebriated state.

  25. A festivus to you all.

  26. King Cricket

    December 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    We celebrate Festivus on the 27th. How did you know?

    Looking forward to gathering round the aluminium pole for the traditional airing of grievances.

    Not looking forward to the feats of strength quite so much, mind.

  27. What I liked about last evening’s stuff up was the look on his face. He’s about two and his younger brother is getting all attention.

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