Shane Watson run out against Pakistan

Opening batsmen always talk about developing ‘an understanding’ with their opening partner.

Shane Watson and Simon Katich should try and understand that batsmen should end up at opposite ends when running between the wickets.

Simon Katich by a nose

We hope Australia never drop Shane Watson. He blends haplessness, incompetence, misfortune and childish petulance. It’s a heady cocktail.

Last Test he jumped up and down like a five-year-old when he dismissed Chris Gayle and everyone had to look away because it was so embarrassing. This Test, he’s contrived to run himself out for 93 to follow the 96 and the 89 that he made in the previous two Tests.

To Shane Watson [raises glass].

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15 Appeals

  1. “He blends haplessness, incompetence, misfortune and childish petulance.”

    Plus, unfortunately for any other openers around Australia, a fair amount of talent with the bat. The big blonde dork is averaging 54 since he’s come back to the team and suddenly seems immune to injury of any sort. We’ll never be shot of him.

  2. A Shane Watson run out in the 90s is almost as good as Christmas.

  3. Maybe we have a new hate figure – someone to replace Haydos, perhaps? I loved the signs in the crowd – cry baby, sook. It seems the feeling is pretty much unanimous, except maybe for his Mum.

  4. “A Shane Watson run out in the 90s is almost as good as Christmas.”

    what a dull Christmas you must have had, Miriam, to be that desperate.

  5. Up yours Steve. Watson is a tosser. He he.

  6. You’re awfully keen on Shane atm o king – so as it’s just past Christmas have a slightly delayed, tastefully wrapped Secret Santa giftette:

  7. KC, you should be raising your glass to the Kat. He did it all, just to provide endless forum discussion and dissing of Watto.

  8. Haven’t seen the likes of this for 30 years – does enyone remember the openners Ric Darling and Graeme Wood? They were always running the other one out. “Darling’s early Test career was also characterised by his opening partnerships with Graeme Wood, the pair christened the “Kamikaze Kids” due to their often disastrous running between the wickets, which saw one of the pair dismissed run out in one innings of each of their four Tests together.”

  9. christ on a bike, watson is annoying.
    the fact that he is now doing very well just makes him all the more annoying.

  10. Watto 98 no at Lunch. The suspense is killing.

  11. For all his physical and psychological flaws, he is batting beautifully.

  12. Fred, were it not for the fact the pakis cant catch he would have been gone in the 90’s again.

    No apology for you until he does it properly.

    I agree wholeheartedly with those who suggest that tWatto is the new Haydos.

  13. And, dare I say it, he’s started bowling ok

  14. When the Poms wake up, I’m sure they’ll have plenty to say re Watto. I have two words for them; Ian Bell.

  15. gah, first Hayden, now Watson. why is the universe trying to anooy me to death?

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