Why does Shane Watson always get out in the 90s?

Shane Watson - just look at his tear-stained albino face

Why DOESN’T Shane Watson always get out in the 90s?

Would it be unfair to suggest that for some players personal milestones bring more pressure because the player in question is – how shall we put this – massively self-involved with an overinflated sense of their own importance?

It is funny that Watson always gets out in the 90s, but this one wasn’t anywhere near as funny as the run-out against Pakistan last year.

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5 Appeals

  1. Only when he hasn’t got out in the 50s, of course.

  2. Maybe he felt sorry for England today

  3. Did someone mention massively self-important players and the pressure of personal milestones? What a coincidence, Kallis has just gone in to lunch on 180-odd, AGAIN.

  4. (except now he’s on 201, FINALLY…… So I’ll just shut up, shall I?)

  5. Maybe he’s trying to better Steve Waugh who made about 10 test match scores in the 90’s.

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