Chris Hollins proves that cricketers still make the best dancers

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Jo Fitz writes:

South Africa – pah – let’s concentrate on the real midwinter battle – Chris Hollins v Ricky Whittle.

When The Cat got knocked out in week 9, the inevitability that a cricketer always wins Strictly Come Dancing seemed to have been proved wrong.

But the best kept secret was that Chris Hollins is a cricketer – and tonight his destiny was fulfilled.

I rest my case.


Or WG Grace and Billy Murdoch will be forced to come round your house and...

... do things...


  1. Thanks Miriam.
    I had to justiify to Significant Other why I wanted the dancing hobbit to win, rather than the man who actually had talent.

    I sent this to KC on the night of the final… now I find that Cricinfo have been so shallow as to amend the page to actually mention the Strictly win.

  2. It’s ok Jo Fitz, I saw it before Cricinfo’s shallow amendment.

    I enjoyed the dancing hobbit but the highlight of the final for me was probably Ola’s sparkly jeggings for the show dance.

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