Andrew Strauss lets rip about Kevin Pietersen

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Strauss is also rumoured to have used the word 'rapscallion'

Apparently Andrew Strauss has been caught calling Kevin Pietersen ‘the C-word’ during a commentary stint. He thought he was off-air, but they were actually still broadcasting in Australia.

Being as this is Strauss, we’re presuming that the word used was ‘cad’. We’re quite taken aback by this. Our guess would have been that he would consider Pietersen a ‘bounder’ or possibly a ‘rogue’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. From Cricinfo: “c*** pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination”

    1. Well, you have 2 options there. I think calling someone a “cock” is actually not as bad as calling someone a “cunt”. Typical sexism.

    2. Yeah, was it cock or cunt? Turns out it was cunt, but we only found that out from other sources, who told us Strauss called him a “c**t”. Could have been clit in that case, admittedly.

      And yeah, Strauss should have stuck to his guns. Guess the apology was forced on him by Sky, who have no desire to get in trouble and end up getting non-terrestrial broadcasters more regulation. They had to do the same a few years ago, when Paul Daley referred to grapplers as “flash cunts” live on air during a Cage Rage MMA card.

    1. Was going to give you a ‘good call’ but then remembered our hover caption.

    2. I always mistake that for a type of onion. I suppose calling KP a type of onion is not any less ridiculous than the rest of this ECB KP mess.

  2. So, can anyone tell me what’s actually wrong about calling Kevin pietersen a cunt?

    1. I would have liked Strauss, instead of apologizing “unreservedly”, had come out afterwards and said “well he is you know”.

  3. Does anyone not think pietersen is a bit of a cunt anyway? Hope sky dont get rid of strauss for making a minor mistake. Must have been past the watershed in Australia anyway.

    1. I don’t think even KP could deny he is a bit of a cunt. This is a problem for Strauss and by extension the ECB with whom he is still closely associated in the minds of many fans. We know what KP is like and many of us don’t really care that much.

      The ECB’s position has always been that KP is a massive managerial problem because he “isn’t our kind of people” and is no longer smashing the Aussies all over the place like he used to. With one four letter expletive, Strauss has turned the establishment’s moral high ground into the same valley that the rest of us have been gleefully tobogganing down for years.

  4. Australians are well known for never having used that word and are almost certainly all extremely offended

  5. I’ve read that Strauss made the comment in conversation with Nick Knight. On balance I’m more upset that Strauss talks to Knight off air than I am about his abusive reference to KP.

  6. This is very unfortunate, but the whole thing is a dreadful misunderstanding.

    What Strauss actually said was that KP is a Kant, shorthand for “a Kantian thinker”. Thus Strauss was putting reason and morality at the very centre of his perception of KP. Indeed, the very opposite of the course interpretation of his overheard phrase.

    Being a wholly decent fellow from the right kind of family, Strauss has chosen to “fall on his own sword” and take the rap for this error, rather than allow others less fortunate than himself suffer the humiliation of having their errors exposed.

    What a paragon of virtue Andrew Strauss is.

    The unfortunate confusion of those two very different words was captured in convoluted verse many years ago, in the splendid song Hasta Manana Monsieur by Sparks. “You mentioned Kant and I was shocked, so shocked. You know, where I come from, none of the girls have such foul tongues”:

    1. I don’t believe KP is supposed to have done anything new, andrew. The Strauss comment was, presumably, about KP’s very essence, not a specific action of KP’s.

      Daisy remarks that almost everyone who has managed or captained KP seems to have come round to this sort of opinion eventually. The only famous exception being Shane Warne who (as KP’s county captain while KP barely ever payed for Hants) merely needed to stay on good terms with KP from a distance to fulfill his duty.

      Linking yesterday’s two big stories, Daisy remarks that she wishes that there had similarly been an unwitting microphone and camera present when word reached Captain Cook of Shane Warne’s sad demise in the Lord’s Exhibition match yesterday.

    2. Being from the right sort of family, I’m sure that Mr. Cook would have only used that most English of curse words to describe his nemesis: “wanker”.

    3. Balladeer, really!

      A very thoughtless suggested term for Mr Warne in the current circumstances, what with his broken hand n’all.

  7. If the Australians had done what I always do when Knight starts wittering drivel and turned the sound off we need never have known that Strauss talks to him. I think the squadron leader’s apology is typically splendid though. Masterly use of profusely instead of profoundly. In other words he is not sorry at all.

  8. Dropping the C bomb isn’t always an insult, indeed it is often used as the ultimate term of endearment, “Oh Jezzer, you are such a c*nt, get the next round in wont you”; possibly followed by a light hearted wrestle.

    No doubt if Strauss and KP are now seen wrestling in the outfield, this will also be misinterpreted by the headline hunting media.

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