The worst batsman in England

That Ian Bell, eh? Rubbish, isn’t he?

First he cashes in on a flat deck at Taunton and expects everybody to be all impressed. Then he follows it up with another hundred against the same opponents, as if that’s somehow proving something. You can’t play against Somerset every week, Ian.

This second hundred was in a one-day game as well. What’s that got to do with Test cricket? Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

We’ve no particular love for Ian Bell, but we’re not about to start taking issue with someone who keeps cranking out hundreds. There are some who are so committed in their opposition to him that they discard his achievements on grounds that should only lead to reservations.

The campaign to not really have strong opinions about Ian Bell either way starts here!

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9 Appeals

  1. Does Giles Clarke discard Bell, like he discards other people?
    I discard Bell.

  2. I would like to declare that I have never had an opinion either way about Ian Bell, nor do I ever intend to. I used to pretend to have an opinion, but I wasn’t convincing anybody, least of all myself. Not even the fact that he’s a ginge can make me say, one way or the other. Whatever.

  3. I quite like Bell, but I also quite like Shah and Bopara. I don’t quite like ex-cap’n Crock whatsoever though. I love Lord Tweedy Strauss though and will agree with his choice of no.3 slavishly

  4. Eva, what glorious indifference.

  5. He’s alright I suppose.

  6. My ambivalence for Bell knows no bounds.

  7. Now I would have gone with Mark Ramprakash, 39 he maybe, but he would be just right for 3 test matches.

    Bell averages 50 at number 5 and 30 at 3.

    Place Colly at 3, Ravi at 4 and Bell at 5. This way Colly can play his natural defensive game for longer.

    A full opinion on the matter

    Otherwise I challenge you all to a cricket debate on twitter

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