England’s top six are going to make BIG RUNS

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Another hundred banked for the futureWord is they’re all hitting it well in the nets. Confidence is rising. Big scores are due. With players of their class, hundreds are just around the corner. As soon as one batsman cashes in, the floodgates will open.

Because that’s the way it works. All batsmen have got a set number of runs at their disposal. If they haven’t used them, it means that they’re saving them up. Then, when the time comes, they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of runs tucked away and they’ll use them all in one go.

A veritable flood of runs lies waiting behind the dam of repeated early dismissals and it’s just waiting to be unleashed. If England’s top six make ‘big runs’ on this flat pitch, under blue skies, against a bowling attack shorn of Shane Bond, Kyle Mills and Jacob Oram it’s PROOF that they were brilliant all along and the last dozen Test matches were just low-scoring aberrations.

We can’t wait to have all our doubts washed away by the run flood.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. “All batsmen have got a set number of runs at their disposal.” – the gospel according to KC

    Am relative newcomer to cricket (erm… since 2007) and have been mightily unimpressed with KP tho’ am assured by everyone he is a genius. Pshaw is all I can say – I do believe the King has it right and he has used up his allowance of runs. KP out – Shah in – he must have a MOUNTAIN of runs to come.

  2. Ah but what if they don’t make runs against a pop gun attack? Will all those stored up runs follow them back to dear old blighty?

  3. Ceci, you must have had terribly bad luck if you’ve started following cricket at a time when KP isn’t being awesome every time he goes out to bat. He’ll be back to his best soon enough.

  4. I s’pose in the light of last night’s performance, maybe “big runs” meant each individual run was really something quite gargantuan, and wore our top order batsmen out so comprehensively that they didn’t feel they could manage more than two apiece.

    “Another run, Andrew?”
    “You know, Alastair, I simply couldn’t face another. Don’t want to fill up on runs when there’s canapes back in the pavilion!”
    “Good point. And you with your figures to worry about, too.”

  5. I feared this would jinx England, and it did. Hopefully Broad will unleash his fill of runs.

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