Alastair Cook failed to ration his runs

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Virat Kohli’s due a score, isn’t he? And how many runs has Alastair Cook got in his bag, just waiting to be plucked out?

Or is it more that Cook’s now suffering the inevitable consequences of frittering runs away earlier in his career. There was a complete lack of rationing during the 2010-11 Ashes series, for example. Sometimes you have to save, Alastair. You should have set something aside for when you were captain as well as opener and therefore had double the opportunities to attract criticism.

Meanwhile, the match is poised, innit? We think it’s Mike Atherton who always claims that first innings scores of around 300 tend to make for the best Test matches. We know what he’s saying.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. It does sound like a nickname. Images of blokey performance congratulation abound.

    2. I wonder if they congratulate each other in such a way following bedroom activity.

      “Well played, Broady.”

      “Great effort yourself, Bealey.”

    3. I can’t believe they tried to make a ghost-related XI and didn’t include The Phantom. I mean, I can, it’s the Daily Mail (are they known for not being any good? I think they might be, but I’m American), but you know what I mean.

    4. “… the Daily Mail (are they known for not being any good?”

      That’s something of an understatement, Dan. They are so not any good that I’m not clicking on that link, because I don’t want to give them hits.

  1. Is is just me that is not getting points or is the fantasy league points table stuck on Friday?

  2. I honestly cannot remember the last time I turned on the cricket while England were batting and a wicket didn’t fall within the over.

    First sodding ball today. Back to the golf, I guess, where Sergio won’t win.

    1. To have one senior batsman lose form is unlikely. Two looks like something deeper.

  3. hahahahahahahhaaaa… (on the grounds that you have to do that, or …)

    according to paul farbrace (and of course he would have to say this) england are still pretty well placed, just need one good partnership and a couple of small ones, like that’s an easy ask. (for this team. under this sort of pressure…) the feeling in the guts says that the overnight headlines are correct and that it’s india who have the luxury of being able to throw away the chance to go 1-0 up.

  4. … i mean, the cricket lover in all of us needs to be rooting for india at this point, right? that’s the story to light up the page. england to make the runs..? ladbrokes are offering 5/2 which doesn’t seem very generous… yes it could happen, but does anyone really feel they (“we”) deserve it -?

    1. England will lose by 100 runs, at least. It’ll be done and dusted before I wake up.

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