Ian Bell attempts to grow a beard

Sam writes:

“Here is a picture of Ian Bell attempting to grow a little beard.

Ian Bell looking like a goddamn druid ora hippy or something

“Look at the concentration on his face. It’s dedication like this that shows just how far English cricket has come.”

We asked Sam if he had a beard. Sam never got back to us about that.

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10 Appeals

  1. I’d certainly be looking sheepish if I had such a disgusting ginger growth protruding from my chin strap. Then again, he’s got a lot to look sheepish about at the minute.

  2. At least it is ginger. For that, I forgive everything.

  3. I’m not sure what he is trying to achieve. He will never reach the dizzy heights of these great men:


  4. I think that Uncle Jrod might have had more success in his ginja tache growing for Movember if he had applied the Bell concentration levels.

  5. Just to confirm, I do not have a beard.

    But it’s not through lack of trying.

    I’m hitting them well in the nets and I’ll continue to take the positives.

  6. That’s great Sam, I know you’ve got a big beard in you, you’ve just got to get yourself in.

  7. That’s not a beard, that’s the remains of last nights curry. The messy pup.

    If he’s away from his mummy for too long, this sort of thing is inevitible!

  8. Maybe you aren’t hitting the right areas with your beard growth, Sam.

    Are you surprisingly hirsute in unexpected places?

  9. Christmas is a good time to grow a beard – I’m working on one of my own at the moment, but the effect is more vagrant than WG Grace, sadly.

    Sam, I suggest you start with a whispy ‘tache, work your way up to a 70’s IRA-style effort, then grow in the sides.

  10. I agree entirely with the Christmas beard theory. I grew mine for the first time last Christmas and it is still there for all to see.

    No way did I need to concentrate like Ian Bell on this matter, because I have natural talent in abundance, whereas he does not (in the beard depatment).

    Unfortunately, that leaves me plenty of time to concentrate on my batting instead (which achieves little – no amount of concentration can make up for my lack of talent), whereas Ian Bell with his abundance of talent at batting is no longer concentrating on that.

    Do I have to explain further?

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