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The Tuftotron 9000Perhaps the most striking thing about Mitchell Johnson is his ridiculous cartoon character tufty hair. After that it’s his bowling.

We watched quite a bit of Johnson when Australia toured India. He was their best bowler. For all the talk about Brett Lee being the fast strike bowler, Johnson’s not really any slower than him. He’s left-handed, he swings the ball and he doesn’t just pitch it a foot outside the off stump all the time like he used to. He does it quite a lot, but not all the time.

He’s got quite a round-arm action as well and if he masters reverse swing, we could be seeing some left-arm, dipping, inswinging yorkers, like a mirror-Waqar.

Mostly though, we’re struck by his pace. He’s consistently fast, 90mph plus, yet no-one seems to consider him a fast bowler. He clearly is.

Mitchell Johnson arrived as a Test bowler today, taking 7-42 against South Africa. It’s the kind of performance that’ll convince him he can get anyone out.


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  1. He’s straight out of the Simon Jones box, although being an Aussie isn’t prone to breaking down every other day, always ‘turns up to the party’ and not likely to collapse with fright when the opposing batsmen try and hit the ball. Bastard. i hate him already.
    On the plus side i’ve just watched Hayden scratch around like an old farmer with
    piles . ha maybe there is some justice..

  2. Yes, Mitch is great – and may he go from strength to strength – am I right in guessing the derogatory remarks about Hayden come from the sub continent? Yes, he has had a bad time of it in the past year – and may be it is time to go – but, he was one of Australia’s finest – you can NEVER take that away from him – as for Sehwag – remind me again?

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