Mitchell Johnson, all-rounder?

If you look up 'gimboid' in the dictionaryMitchell Johnson, batting at nine, launched the South Africa attack to all parts on his way to 96 not out. He then took 4-25, making light of the fact that Australia have only selected three-and-a-half bowlers.

Johnson’s respective averages have just swapped places, so his batting average is now higher than his bowling average. Does this make him an all-rounder? Is he going to be Australia’s number nine batsman next summer? It doesn’t bear thinking about. So we won’t.

Australia are never a bad side and they’re never down for long. This is why you have to make the most of it when they do struggle. You know, have commemorative board games manufactured and construct large buildings bearing the inscription ‘Australia were a bit poor today – 28/12/2008’.

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6 Appeals

  1. Ian Bell will wipe that smug grin off his face.

    As will Graeme Swann.

    The Saffers always choke in the end. They just decided to wait until they got home this time, that’s all.

  2. No reference to his tufty hair? disappointing.

  3. Quite right Gedd Lad, Bell will doubtless carve him to all parts before holing out for 25.

    Soft ginger shite.

  4. If the title read “Mitchell Johnson, jammy twat?” then I would agree.

  5. Can we please have the girlfriend’s pic next to all Mitchell Johnson posts please ………

  6. its funny cus england suck shit

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