Alastair Cook, please stop hooking

Get out hooking between 50 and 100 and I'll win some Lego off that nice manSomeone should look into irregular betting patterns surrounding ‘Alastair Cook caught hooking’ because he seems to be hell-bent on getting out this way.

In the last Test, he leant back and poked one into the air in an enticingly gentle parabola. In yesterday’s innings, he popped one up towards Sulieman Benn, who utterly spazzed the catch. Undeterred, he promptly had another go an over or so later with greater success.

We’d advise that he just lets the short balls hit him square in the face if this is the best he can do with them using his bat.

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5 Appeals

  1. According to some newspaper reports, the West Indies “let the England batsmen off the hook several times.” This suggests that the English were in some way obliged to play the shot, and that they could only not play it with the West Indies’ permission.

    Who agreed to this? I think I know.

  2. I discard the hook shot. So should Cook.

  3. Once a hooker, always a hooker.


  4. Does Alastair Hook have to stop cooking?

  5. The problem with Cook hooking is that he looks so serious. If he looked the part of a happy hooker all would be forgiven.

    But who ever heard of the rather serious hooker or the somewhat intense hooker?

    He should concentrate on the forward defensive push that sometimes makes it past the bowler for a well-earned single.

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