Ian Bell’s ball-hitfulness

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Ian Bell shows us his ball-hitfulness deviceWe’re not interested in how Ian Bell’s faring in Test cricket any more. All we’re hoping is that the soap opera continues.

The Ian Bell situation has gone way beyond cricket now. We’re interested for sociological and psychological reasons. Will it finish with a lynch mob? Will it ever finish at all? It doesn’t feel like it will.

Recently, Bell has been testing the extremes of human emotion through his ball-hitfulness. In the first Test, he had a ball-hitfulness critical fault. In the second Test, his ball-hitfulness was exquisite.

But Bell’s always innovating. Methodical in the way he toys with England supporters, he’s now moved on to where-to-hit-the-ballery and he’s taunting the fans with his ability and inability in this facet of the game.

Keep it up Ian. Prove nothing and disprove nothing. We’re neither with you nor against you.


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  1. KC you seem to be devoting an extrodinary amount of time and posts (4 in the last 2 weeks) to someone you purport to be indifferent too.

    I can understand the fountain of hate spewed forth at Haydos (or tWatto) for the obvious reasons but your Ian Bell fixation seems a little less healthy.

    From here it looks a bit like someone has a man crush that he’s not yet ready to admit to himself.

  2. Maybe we just identify with someone who goes to both extremes but ultimately averages out at mediocrity

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