Is it funny that Shane Watson keeps getting out in the nineties?

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Of course it is. Just take a look at his teary-eyed, albino automaton face when he’s been dismissed.

Shane Watson’s 120 not out (dropped on 99) really ballses up a cracking record that’s seen him hit 96, 89, 93 and 97 in his last eight innings.

Even if he doesn’t get nervous in the nineties, he soon will do with double-digit-tastic performances like this.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’m very upset with Rauf for grassing that sitter.

    The funniest thing about watching Watson bat is the abrupt change in pace as he approaches 50 or 100.

    Even though he’s in good form with the bat and the ball for some reason I can’t bring myself to like him or see him as a worthy inclusion in the team. Possibly something to do with his attitude as shown by his fit when he got Gayle out at the WACA.

  2. Great work from pakistan again. Keep dropping catches, you morons. I hope you fucking die. Fuck off.

  3. and great work from the guys at cricinfo, completely ignoring the fact that Pakistan basically threw the game away and making it seem like Australia performed some sort of miracle. I seriously hate everybody.

  4. Ha!! Another ten or so scores in the nineties and maybe, just maybe, his mother will take baby steps towards being the first person in human history to like him.

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