Jacques Kallis went big

Jacques Kallis puts his weight behind oneFor once, this isn’t about that period when Jacques Kallis lost sight of his genitals for a few months. It’s about him hitting a hundred.

Once upon a time, hitting a hundred was an achievement. Nowadays you hit 170 and the man of the match award goes to someone who hit 230. Jacques has never hit a double hundred and we like him because of this. His Test batting average (54.85) isn’t bumped up by a handful of freakish innings. He’s put the work in day-in, day-out.

This has been an old-fashioned Test. It’s not about how many a batsman can make. It’s about whether he can make any at all. Test cricket is much, much better this way.

By the way, despite the title of this update, the phrase ‘go big’ is not King Cricket approved. We favour ‘score more’. As in: “Jacques Kallis has scored his hundred. Now he needs to score more.”

We’re hoping that ‘score more’ catches on, but we’re not hopeful.

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6 Appeals

  1. I still hate Jacques Kallis. I still don’t really know why.

  2. Can I be the first to report that Watto’s done it again?

  3. I thought it was just my wide screen TV, watching the SAFFERS in the field.

  4. Kinda strange, nay, that Kallis, the master of concentration, is unable to get a double!

    Another crazy stat for you…
    Kallis has only nine 150+ scores out of 33 centuries in 134 matches…

    On the other hand, Viru “I hit only bad balls” Sehwag has twelve 150+ scores out of 17 centuries in just 72 matches…


  5. I hate Kallis and I hate Watson.

  6. Is there another option (if you are neither a saffer or his mum) to hating Kallis?

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