Jacques Kallis fills the void

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Jacques Kallis hits a hundredShaun Pollock may have been dropped, but South Africa have got more than one crushingly dispiriting all-rounder at their disposal. In fact, South African cricket can boast a whole battalion of line-and-length-bowling competent-batting dullards.

Jacques Kallis is a little better than competent, of course, although he’s a dullard in more than one sense. Pakistan kindly supplied an ironed pancake pitch for the first Test and Kallis tucked in with gusto.

Kallis is currently 118 not out. It’s his 25th Test century. The man deserves our respect, if not our appreciation.


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  1. It’s a shame that South Africa’s most exciting cricketer is Andre Nel, and that’s only because he’s as mad as a sack of badgers.

    Hashim Amla’s beard is one of the finest in international cricket, though.

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