Shaun Pollock dropped for some reason

pollock.JPG42 year-old ginger snoreathon, Shaun Pollock, has been dropped from the South African Test team for the first time.

Rumours that South African coach, Mickey Arthur, said, ‘I can’t watch one more delivery from that freckled automaton,’ are probably true, although we haven’t heard it anywhere.

Pollock’s place is supposed to be going to Paul Harris, who’s a spinner, which really damages the credibility of this story. South Africa would never pick a spinner. He must be a middle-order batsman who bowls ‘a bit of spin’. He’s only got one first-class fifty to his name though. It’s all very odd.

Remember when Shaun Pollock was actually quick? You must be very old.

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2 Appeals

  1. Apparently, the selectors are keen to try out bowlers who are younger and quick than Pollock, as if there’s such a thing as being older and slower. Even Paul Collingwood’s younger and quicker than Pollock.

  2. I remember when Shaun Pollock was called Pat Symcox.

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