Shaun Pollock’s arms of expression

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There is literally no cricketing event that Shaun Pollock can’t portray through subtle distinctions in his ‘arms aloft’ pose.

An lbw appeal.

Celebrating a wicket.

Celebrating a hundred.

You’ll also notice that Shaun tends to appear as a mirror image when celebrating a wicket.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. So it’s like that is it….

    You tease us with a few amusing little captions, contained within the alt text or title of your pictures, and then snatch that away from us, in some sort of sick and twisted way..

    I may have to renounce the monarchy and form a republic!

    Vive La Republique!

  2. Yes, where are the little captions?? Bring them back! Even Shaun Pollock wants them back – he’s doing a Star Trek hand in the first picture to show he’s joining Suave’s republic.

  3. We’ve been doing captions off-and-on for over a year. Suddenly you want them all time.

    We’ve gone weeks without captioning with no-one noticing before now. Now it’s one post off and you’re forming a republic.

  4. Well, I only noticed them for the first time a week or so ago, and they were all followed up with captions, I then went back and looked at a few weeks prior and there was nothing, so I assumed you had learnt a new trick!

    I may not have to behead you now, but we’ll see.. Shaun Pollocks onside now, and I’m sure we can get a few other ageing, boring, ginger, multidimensional cricketers to join us if needs be!!

    Now where is that scrap of paper with Glen Chapple and Paul Collingwoods’ numbers?

  5. How do you know about our recurring nightmare where Pollock, Chapple and Collingwood manhandle us towards a guillotine chanting ‘captions, captions, captions’.

    What are the chances you’d happen across that exact scenario through chance? It must be as close to ‘no chance’ as it’s possible to get.

  6. Mind rays, that’s all I’m saying for the moment!!

    You remember that vision, next time you make a post.. It’s an amusing caption, or the gingers come-a-chopping!

    Good day…

  7. I like your style, sire…

    I’m sure Glen is methodically sharpening the blade as we speak.

    For the moment, long live the King!

  8. Bloody scientists, if it’s not within the realm of their understanding, it can’t be real!!

    Next you’ll be telling me the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t exist, and that there is no direct correlation between the number of Pirates, and the average global temperature..

    Science, Schmience.

  9. The Scientician, when this post first appeared it didn’t have any of those captions that you get when you hover over the picture with your mouse. I got excited by the captions yesterday, to the point of commenting on their existence, so was bitterly disappointed. Luckily, this discrepancy was swiftly remedied, otherwise who knows the anarchy that would have ensued.

  10. Actually, I’m a bit disappointed about the mouse-hovering thing.

    I only ever saw the captions before on my home computer, which is pedal powered and took so long to load the pictures that the little captions were around for ever, accompanied by a little red cross. I didn’t know I could see them at work too.

    Now I discover that they’re available to all, with what I assume to be your super-whizzy broadband fancyness, I don’t like them so much. Get rid of them again if you want.

    So there.

  11. Now that we have renewed confidence in our Kindly and Benign Ruler Who Provides His People With Captions, it’s academic, but it would probably have started off as the People’s Republic of Kingcricket and then descended into anarchy as I’m not sure that we would have coped well with the sudden freedom. I like to think we would have recrowned you, though, rather than turning to despotism as an alternative.

  12. Captions, schmaptions.

    Pollock, schmollocks.

    I like Shaun Pollock. He’s ginger, but not your half-arsed “looks a bit blond in the right light” ginger — e.g. Collingwood, Ian “Strawberry Blond” Bell, and so on.

    No, Pollock’s violently ginger, like the ginger stepchild of yore. PROPERLY ginger. I like to think that he was teased and bullied mightily at school, only to retaliate by learning to bowl fast and knocking out the teeth of his enemies with vicious bouncers.

    He probably trained by chasing ginger chickens and eating raw ginger. At the same time.

  13. oi! who you calling a scientist? I’m a scientician. There’s a world of difference.

    hovering? never noticed that before. yet more profanity and cheap digs dressed up as witticisms.

    Will the wonders of King Cricket never cease?

    I say lets go over there and burn down the castle. King Cricket lives in a castle right? I mean, he must have some sort of fiefdom going off the back of all the wonga this website makes him.

  14. I think Brian Lara’s abdicated from the Cricket Throne. Rumours that he named Rob Key as his successor have yet to be confirmed.

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