Strauss being conspicuously indifferent to Strauss’s omission

Lemon Bella has the latest on Strauss’s omission from the England squad:

“Here is a picture of StraussCat being indifferent to Strauss (again). It means you can get two posts out of the Andrew Strauss announcement, instead of just the one.”

Cricketers hate a small box

“You’d think in this time of crisis his namesake would at least pay a bit of attention; maybe pass comment on poor umpiring decisions, but no. StraussCat is clearly more interested in sleeping and fitting himself in a box that is much too small for him.”

Animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket on our old site

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8 Appeals

  1. Ooh, I’m glad you’re still doing the animal posts.

    Lemon Bella, is Strausscat a Turkish Van?

  2. BTW I have only just noticed that there’s a caption when you hover over the photos. I like!

  3. StraussCat reminds me of The Wing Commander®
    in a number of ways..

    There’s the steely eyed glare given to umpires when given a bad a decision.

    The nonchalant leave of a ball outside offstump, that unbeknownst to strausscat, has cut back and up-rooted his off stump.

    And the feet firmly planted in the box(crease), when they bleddy shouldn’t be!

  4. Miriam, StraussCat is what’s technically called “A Mixture”. He was a rescue cat so I don’t know anything about his parentage or shady past.

    StraussCat was called StraussCat because when I went to choose a cat at the RSPCA, two people walked past and said that he had legs that were “too short”. That’s another thing he has in common with the real Strauss.

  5. Whatever he is, he’s a nice-looking, very smooshable cat.

  6. He’s very smooshable indeed. But should you ever come across him fast asleep, don’t try to smoosh him because he’ll bite your hand. I learned that the hard way.

  7. So, not only will he bite the hand that feeds him, but he’s got very short legs? Sounds more like the KeyMaster to me.

  8. My mum always told me that you should never disturb a sleeping cat. Even if said cat is sleeping in the hood of the coat you want to wear that day. It is a bit unfair, though, that cats have no such rules about disturbing sleeping humans.

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