Could everyone please just calm down a bit

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There’s too much emotion in cricket these days. We need to get back to a world where wickets are celebrated with a handshake, team spirit is expressed with a warm handshake and contempt for the opposition is conveyed via a firm handshake.

We’ve written about how everyone’s far too het up about the first Test over at Cricinfo.


  1. I think all the hype has got to the players. It’s all gone MENTAL at the test match. England have raced to 56 at lunch, and Trott has just eased a full delivery to the cover boundary on only his 21st ball faced! I blame Chris Gayle and the IPL.

    1. This cricket information has been brought to you by Cricinfo TM, official provider of cricket information to employed non-journalists. Cricinfo – from your boss’s office it looks a bit like that thing he wanted you to do.

  2. Do you not think your Cricinfo piece itself is an over-reaction, KC?

    Some of us are trying very hard to contain ourselves. Pieces like yours just up the intensity and make those stress-controlling exercises a little harder.

    Breath in…

    …breath out…

    …Middlesex are doing okay; not much chance of cricket-multi-loafing this weekend if Middlesex keep going at this rate.

  3. I was expecting the spot fixing to be some dubious wicket-keeping I saw a few days ago.

    Test cricket needs Yes Bank Minimums. Danny Morrison would expire.

  4. “And it’s Ian Bell with another superb forward defensive! There’s no run there, and this contest is really hotting up! At Lord’s, on a Thursday!”

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