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Gunn and Moore (GM) make a range of cricket bats and it can be confusing to know what the differences are. This isn’t helped by the fact that the range changes each year.

The main distinction between the different types of bat relates to the height of the sweet spot. In the 2013 range, the GM Icon has the highest sweet spot; the GM Epic has a sweet spot at a mid-height; while the GM Octane has the lowest sweet spot.

All three of those bats have a concave profile. If you prefer a bat with a convex profile, you can go for the GM Zona which has a mid-positioned sweet spot.

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About GM

GM, who are based in Nottingham, have been making cricket bats since 1885, so they presumably know a thing or two about the process. An enormous number of cricketers have used GM bats down the years and currently, a number of South Africans, including Graeme Smith, Robin Peterson and Francois Du Plessis are among their number. Of the England players, Jonathan Trott, Joe Root and Graeme Swann use a GM bat.


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