Yuvraj Singh in Test cricket

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'So I just wear plain white, yeah? Weird.'So Yuvraj Singh finally gets a Test match. It’s a fairly rare occurrence. Ridiculously rare.

He arrived at the crease with India 61-4 and proceeded to smear 28 fours and a six, finishing with 169 off 203 balls in a partnership with Sourav Ganguly that was worth 300. It was a point well made, even if Pakistan were reduced to three front-line bowlers for half the day after Shoaib Akhtar had found yet another way to be unfit – back pain, this time.

Remarkably for a man who’s played 195 one-day internationals and who’s averaged near-enough 50 in that form of the game in the last two years, this is only Yuvraj’s 20th Test match.

Have no fear though, there’s plenty of time left. He’s not 26 until Wednesday, making him younger than Australia’s ‘prodigy’, Michael Clarke.

He’s a full year away from thinking ‘a nice sit-down’ is an activity in its own right and two away from knowing the names of more than one type of plant. He probably doesn’t consider going out two nights running to be any hardship at all, the rapscallion.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That innings was sublime.. I don’t know what they’re going to do once Tendulkar and Dhoni are back..

    A couple of observations from day 1..
    Pakistan’s bowling attack is ridiculous.

    Arafat looked great until he had to keep it up all day.

    Sami averages over 50 and still plays loads.

    Karthik’s wife looks like a ferenghi (which is an indian word for foreigner), by that I don’t mean she looks foreign, rather she looks like an alien from Star Trek.

    Dhoni has the largest ears I’ve seen on anyone under the age of 60. No wonder he had long hair for so long! Indian Elephant!

  2. Pakistan’s bowling ‘attack’ now looks about as threatening as a gaggle of geese. Double hundred for Ganguly, and a hundred for Irfan Pathan for good measure.

  3. I don’t know about that Dave, some of these geese can be pretty intimidating. I’d keep an umbrella handy around a gaggle of geese if I were you. Not sure if I’d need one against this Pakistan attack though.

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