Yuvraj Singh in one-day cricket this summer

Yuvraj SinghWe’ve made one or two rash pronouncements in our time. Fortunately most of them are now all-but-invisible on the old site.

However, we’re going to bring one to the fore today in a fairly transparent bid to make a player lose form for a couple of matches against England. This particular pronouncement was that Yuvraj Singh was the best one-day international batsman in the world.

We mention it now because since Yuvraj arrived in Ireland back in June, his one-day international innings run as follows: 13, 49 not out, 61 not out, 38, 0, 49, 45, 71 and 72.

There are no hundreds because he bats in the middle order and hundreds aren’t common in those parts. What’s impressive is his consistency. Measured run-chase? Yuvraj is your man. Wild slog to post a ludicrous total? Yuvraj is your man.

He’d probably have a few more if Ganguly’s knees were up to non-sedate singles too.

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6 Appeals

  1. He’s also quite good at verbally abusing KP whenever he approaches the crease! an undervalued facet to his game perhaps?

  2. King Cricket

    September 4, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    He’s truly a three-dimensional cricketer.

    Except in pictures…

  3. to be honest that picture is one of the most gormless ones i’ve ever seen

    or maybe hes just shocked

  4. I forgive Sourav for not running singles cos he’s old and prefers boundaries. i also prefer boundaries.

  5. it worked maan !!! …. did ya see all them sixes

  6. crap – he isn’t even in the top ten and his form against Oz was ordinary except for one vaguely good knock.

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