Yuvraj Singh never quite does it

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A few years ago, it was hard to avoid the feeling that Yuvraj Singh’s favourite cricketer was probably, on balance, after much careful consideration, Yuvraj Singh. However, he’s increasingly rounded and likeable and so it’s disappointing to see him merely flicker in Test cricket.

Today’s innings was vintage Yuvraj. He gave a couple of bafflingly unnecessary chances, hit some cracking shots and then lost his wicket just as it looked like India were embarking on one of those long, boundary-laden partnerships that whips the crowd into a fervour. He just never quite does it.

Sometimes Yuvraj looks like a batsman who can do anything. Unfortunately, one thing he can do is find really unexpectedly limp ways of getting out. We kind of get the vibe that one day he’ll realise this; that he’ll suddenly think: “Wait! What if I stopped spooning catches to run-saving fielders?” and that this will presage a dozen hundreds in a row.

At the same time, we also think that India’s selectors might think: “Wait! Why are we repeatedly picking someone who keeps spooning catches to run-saving fielders?”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This is probably his last shot though. With Rahane and co. breathing down his neck, he cant indulge his favorite habit of getting out in increasingly frustrating ways for long.

  2. As long as Pepsi* pays big bucks to him to star in their advertisements, Yuvraj will be in the reckoning. Kohli – excellent as he is – is assured of another 10+ years of India colours(and whites) as the new generation star with maximum saleability. Pujara, on the other hand, will have to watch his back the moment he fails in 3 or 4 consecutive innings.

    * Or Coke. Or Hero Honda. The point stays.

  3. Things are definitely looking up, yes they are.

    1. “Share your story, publish your book” – Westbow Press.
    2. “Multitasking made simple, purchase Windows phone” – Verizon.

    Within a span of twenty four hours, the internet has decided I am not a sleazy pervert who has a fetish for plus-size lingerie, but an intellectual who has to multitask and publish books, à la Ged.

    1. Both my adverts today (in addition to the ones for King Cricket’s T Shirts and Sarah’s Photographs) are for broadband, which as I would think would be obvious to marketing types, I already have.

    2. I now have a £250,000 portfolio to invest, apparently, plus a Forbes columnist to help me invest it.

      Strange really, because someone else wants to teach me how to invest £40,000 even if I only actually have £100 to play with.

  4. I think I have succesfully baffled the ad-bots. I get a blank window in the place of where the lingerie ads used to be. Or…

    1. No ads for me either! Either these bots don’t work over here in Brazil (who does?) or my lurking skills have thus far kept me under the radar…
      Can I now expect bra ads galore?

    2. And another thing now I’m on a roll, I have to say I’m very surprised at the lack of constant ads throughout the *ahem* very legit coverage of the match at hand, which fell of the back of a lorry, I swear guv!
      Almost makes up for the fact that I’m not considered worthy of good old TMS over here!

    1. Dear Lord, that’s good (and fantastically well thought-out).

      We like the sidebar links best. ‘Play on phat pitches, not flat pitches’ could actually become a new slogan.

      Also like that it’s renamed us ‘Mack Cricket’.

    2. Thank you, Howe Zat, from the bottom of my heart. It’s brilliant –

      “Let’s try n’ forget just how tha fuck dunkadelically irritatin Ricky Pontin could be fo’ a minute n’ instead consider dat average yo. Dude retires wit a average of 52.21, which is dunkadelic yo, but leaves his ass immediately behind Mohammad Yousuf n’ wit a fair few others above his muthafuckin ass yo.”

      Sublime poetry.

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