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It’s not that we’ve got nothing to say ahead of the Kolkata Test, it’s that we’ve already previewed the match.

You want more than that? You want something timely? Okay, how about whether Steven Finn should play? We’d say that if he’s fit, he should play, because Stuart Broad seems to have turned into England’s “go-from guy”.

That’s not a very exciting opinion, is it? That’s what everyone’s saying. How about if we argued against it by talking about the length of England’s tail?

Well, we don’t really want to do that, because we tend to think that these lower-order pseudo-batsmen aren’t going to get any runs against spinners anyway. England’s lower order ‘batsmen’ are only really good for runs in familiar conditions or when it’s flat and if it’s the latter, they shouldn’t really be needed anyway.

Please take up the slack today and leave interesting comments. The force isn’t with us today.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’ve been paying more attention to the adverts on this site than to the articles lately. Today I got plus-size lingerie, another one for bras, and one for volkswagen.

    1. John Lewis for me.

      That’s an advert for the shop, not an answer to the question “Which cricketer would I most like to see wearing plus-size lingerie.”

      I assume everyone immediately thought of that question on reading Deep Cower’s comment.

    2. I get ones about bras sometimes. Usually as a consequence of my having recently visited other sites featuring bras.

    3. I only ever get adverts for terrible flash games that pretend to have some sort of porn in them.

    4. I’ve got a very pretty girl called Chantal telling me she invested $100 2 months ago and just made $2100. She’s also 28 years old so not sure why that’s relevant…

      Living in the middle east I also get shed loads of Arabic adverts but it’s anyone’s guess what they are. (Anyone who speaks arabic that is)

  2. Since KC wants interesting comments, let’s all answer Bert’s question of the week:

    “Which cricketer would I most like to see wearing plus-size lingerie?”

    My vote goes to Mark Taylor (paired with Rameez Raja).

  3. I assume Isa Guha isn’t allowed.

    I’ll have to think about it. All I know right now is that it definitely isn’t Jon Lewis.

  4. Great Ceci, but what on earth is a bartacked crotch? The thought is sending me into a feotal position.

    1. Bartacking is a load of stitches on top of each other to act as reinforcement (used a lot on clothes like jeans).

      So, a strong, tough crotch strong enough for even the weightiest genitalia.

  5. I have learnt so much reading this thread this morning.

    Perhaps the force should be without you more often, KC.

    Amazon have decided that I want other books that they have already sold me today!!

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