Andrew Strauss is a favourite, Owais Shah less so

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Straaaauuus - he is hanging around... againWe don’t want to get anti-Andrew Strauss because we quite like him, but his selection in England’s team for their final warm-up worries us.

Either it’s his last opportunity to earn a place in the Test team or favouritism’s crept in. Strauss was dropped because of poor form and hasn’t recovered it. His rival for a Test place, Owais Shah, hit 96 in his last innings, averages more in first-class cricket and during the last county season averaged 70. Strauss may have more Test experience, but he’s averaged 27 since he touched down in Australia last winter.

How is Andrew Strauss ahead? Apparently he’s amiable and a good team player. Of course he is. Even we’d be good-natured and garrulous if you indulged us as England indulge Strauss.

Shah’s more prickly of course, which is hardly surprising when he’s only ever been given two one-off Tests and his current rival only has to catch a plane heading to the right country in order to win his place back.

England might be embarrassed about having had to drop a centrally-contracted player, but they should be more embarrassed about this non-meritrocratic shammery.

That’s assuming that that’s what’s happening – which isn’t necessarily the case. We just like to believe everything we read, because we’re mindless.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Wing Commander must have photos of someone in a comprimising situation.

    That’s the only thing I can think of, that would allow him to get his place back.

    And to put him in at 3, a position he’s never played in.
    It makes me want to smash things.

    Luckily, i have winter nets tonight, so shall smash the bowlers to all parts.

    Or, I’ll do as per usual, and nick everything, and then bowl pies for an hour

  2. This server space doesn’t come for free, you know.

    The picture’s no less repetitive than the content anyway. We’re planning another identical update tomorrow regardless of how many runs he makes tonight.

  3. Unfortunately, I reckon Geoff Miller will be unimpressed.

    I had a blinder last night. Middled everything, got the ball to turn for the first time in about three years, and didn’t miss a single slip catch.

    Everything worked.

    There goes my The England chances!

  4. I am, I promise you that..

    I just happened to be good for a day..

    like Steve Harmison in the West Indies

    Or Vaughan in Australia.

  5. Think we need Strauss to bring an air of orderly tweediness to the team – it’s all a bit hair-product and designer watch otherwise.

  6. If he walks to the crease in the first Test with a pipe in his mouth all will be forgiven.

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