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Danish Kaneria or Dane Vilas – who is most Danish?

Dane Vilas and Danish Kaneria (via YouTube)

Danish Kaneria is a Pakistani cricketer who has been banned from the sport for life for spot-fixing. Dane Vilas is a South African cricketer who currently plays for Lancashire. Despite what their names suggest, neither player is from Denmark.

So who is most Danish?

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Shahid Afridi is going to play The Hundred and in a way it is the greatest endurance feat of all time

Shahid Afridi (by Sarah Ansell)
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13 proper highlights from the 2019 Cricket World Cup (and none are from the final because the final was a whole thing all of its own)

Ben Stokes (Images via Twitter and YouTube)
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Mohammad Nabi’s wicket celebration is our favourite wicket celebration

Mohammad Nabi (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 36, Afghanistan v Pakistan

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When will it rain during the India v Pakistan match?

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Mohammad Amir: the most intermittently magnificent bowler in the world

Mohammad Amir 3 (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 17, Australia v Pakistan

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Joe Root: the most boring one-day batsman in the world

Joe Root (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 6, England v Pakistan

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You might want to think about bowling short at Pakistan

Short one (via ICC video)
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Did you see Shoaib Malik flat-bat his own stumps like an absolute gimboid?

Shoaib Malik out hit wicket (via Sky Sports)
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England are a good one-day bowling side and if you think otherwise, you’re living in the past

Skyer (via ECB YouTube)
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